Reliable Air Conditioning Repair in Slidell, LA and the Surrounding Areas

We are proud to offer customers near Slidell, LA with dependable air conditioning repair work. If you want to keep your loved ones comfortable, call Central Heating & A/C Repairs. Our goal is to provide services that increase efficiency and comfort. We offer everything from evaporator coil and condensing unit repair to furnace repair work.

5 Signs You Need A/C Repair

Catch Issues Early with These Common Indicators

Here are a few signs you should look out for:

  1. Warm air
  2. Frequent cycling
  3. Low airflow
  4. Weird noises
  5. Bad odor

If you have noticed any issues with your A/C system, give us a call today. We will inspect your unit and determine the cause of the problem. A detailed inspection will allow us to find a long-term solution!

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Want to speak to a professional about your A/C repair needs? Give our team a quick call today and see how our technicians can help. Sometimes, we can help our customers fix an issue over the phone! Call now for assistance in the Slidell, LA area.

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